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About our Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser

Nick, Saving dogs like Ke-ola Everyday
Sadly over 1.2 million dogs are "put to sleep" in US shelters every year. The breeds or dog types that suffer the greatest casualties are Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas and their mixes. Shows like The Dog Whisperer, Shelter Dogs, Lucky Dog and others have shown the general public that shelter dogs make great family additions. They've let us see how even the most neglected and abused dogs can learn to trust again and find balance and love. We agree with Nick Martinez and have faith he'll be able to help Ke-ola an ex-shelter dog find his trust and heal his heart.

About Ke-ola: "Ke-ola is a pit bull mix and had a very difficult life before we fostered him and eventually adopted him. He was found on the streets of Carson injured, hurt and very sick. It took us 6 months before Ke-ola was cleared from quarantine and almost a year before he had regained his health. Here’s a link with info about Ke-ola’s rescue and journey to health One Year Anniversarry of Ke-ola...Life. As he became healthier his energy and intensity also became stronger. We have consulted with several dog trainers that specialize in rehabilitating abused dogs and all have concluded that he is a good dog but is in need of specialized training and rehabilitation with a balanced dog pack and intensive training by an expert." ~Ke-ola's family. You can visit our event for more information about his rehabilitation: Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser 
Arts Open House Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser

In the Flow Studios Arts and I Love Shelter Dogs is hosting an afternoon filled with art, heart and positivity to help this very special dog get the rehabilitation he needs. We will have live music, poetry, photography, cultural dance, paintings, sculpture, martial arts, fire, artisan booths and a raffle with amazing prizes. Our event is authentically grassroots as it will be held in a back yard. The dress is casual and the environment welcoming, inspiring and friendly. We will have a variety of styles and mediums and people from all walks of life. Our events are about coming together as a community to celebrate art, support artists, inspire ourselves and help contribute to worthy causes. 

We are grateful to the talented and generous artists that have volunteered to donate their talents for our special event. Check out some of the incredible artists that will be participating. 

Arleen Hurtado Artist Highlight 
Arleen Hurtado is one of our favorite artists. Her live performances are charged with passion and precision. When she dances she brings forth the strength and graces of her Iberian ancestors. She transports her audiences to another place and time. Arleen’s flamenco is the embodiment of the powerful force of nature that is the feminine. She uses her body to tell the age-old stories of distant lands, of battles won and lost, of heartbreak, of triumph and of culture. Even in her subtle hand movements she brings intention and expression. Her passionate interpretation of traditional flamenco has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. While Arleen’s technical ability is superb, it’s her passion that distinguishes her art. “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham

Speak Your Art- Poetry & Musings
Aurora Ferrer is the owner of Mana Keepers', Dewdrops Images and Kadan Martial Arts Studios. She is the founder of In the Flow Studios Arts & Body, Self-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment and the creative director for PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts. Aurora also created and is a main contributor to I Love Shelter Dogs Blog. She is the author of Dewdrops of Inspiration, Arco Iris del Ser, a contributing author to Miracles One at a Time and contributing poet to Complex Allegiances. "Through my blogs, organizations, projects, books, films and businesses I hope to contribute my talents in my small way for the betterment of our collective and personal human experience. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of self-realization and service. I look forward to experiencing your unique talents and gifts…the world needs YOU and you are not alone." ~Aurora Ferrer

Cooper/Something Else's Artist Highlight
Cooper Streegan-Hagen is an inspired 23-year-old musician from Southern California. He is a graduate from Cerritos College and is transferring to Cal State Long Beach in the Fall. He divides most of his time between church, his girlfriend and Tiger, his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue Guitar. Cooper is an example of courage and living with an open heart as he has never shared his music with an audience nor has he ever performed in front of a crowd yet when he heard about Ke-ola’s story he put all doubts and fears aside to come to the aid of another. He will be sharing 4 of his songs at our Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser on May 31st. He attributes a great deal of gratitude to his close friend, Evan and his father Mike, not only for agreeing to play in his band “Something Else” but for their generous support of his music. 

Dash Najarian - Visual Arts

{DL} Art,Photography & Design 
Denise Luce of {DL} Art Photography & Design brings her creative touch and compassionate eye to everything she does. Her work is a reflection of the depths of her soul, her strength and her unique perspective of life. Denise’s passion for photography was born because of her love of the feminine form. She is an advocate for the beauty found in all women. She feels a commitment to helping women of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes see their beauty by using her photography knowledge and skills. Denise draws inspiration for her art from a variety of places like nature, fantasy and the unconventional. She is equally as inspired in a field of flowers as she is in old graveyards...maybe it's the Gemini in her or maybe she can see beauty everywhere.

Island Fitness by Ilima
Ilima Pumphrey of Island Fitness by Ilima is a fourth generation Polynesian dancer, performer and instructor. She is the founder of Island Fitness by Ilima and lead dancer for Nonosina. Ilima brings her 20+ years of experience to everything she does. Island Fitness by Ilima "An effective Polynesian workout" Island drum beats, intense hip shaking and lyrical ground movements make Island Fitness a unique, exciting and fun choose of training. 

"To share my culture and spirit of aloha is my mission." ~ Ilima

Joan G. Grand Music

Jon Luce Artist Highlight
Jon Luce has an unconventional spirit and it translates into his art. His art is a dichotomy. While his work is always refined and aesthetically beautiful he enjoys challenging us with shocking or unexpected subject matter. He asks us through his work to look past convention, to push past our comfort zones and to explore the truth that only our “shadow selves” can provide. When he is not drawing and tattooing ideas for other people, he spends his time creating his own weird and twisted art. “I have a strange view of things sometimes and grew up with strange influences such as H.R. Giger and Clive Barker and movies like Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm Street. I am slightly morbid and dark sometimes, like my suicidal veggie line of paintings, but also love to see beauty in all things, not just what is typical or popular.” JL

Kadante's Artist Highlight
Kadante Ferrer, founder of Hip Hop Martial Arts is one of our featured performers. He'll be bringing the elements of fire, air, earth and metal to the show.  Hip Hop Martial Arts™ is an original art style that combines aspects of Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Tricking, Breaking, Self-defense, Weaponry and more, into creative & effective movement. 

“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain” ― Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings

Lalaine V. Felipe - Crack Pies LA

Kip Henderson - Visual Arts

Mahea Mogote Artist Highlight 
Mahea Mogote is a graceful as well as powerful young artist. She has multifaceted talents and interests. As a dancer she communicates her emotions flawlessly through her movement as she shares her ancestral heritage, as a martial artist she brings grace to efficiency and demonstrates the power of the feminine beautifully, as a painter she draws from her heart with vibrancy, honesty and history. She is a renaissance artist and woman holding fast to her cultural roots and at the same time reaching out to the world and learning new things. Mahea will be performing as well as showing at our Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser.
Mana Keepers & Dewdrops Images will be showing beautiful natural treasures in the form of rocks, minerals and images. They will also be offering many for sale at our event and 100% of all sales will goto Ke-ola's Rehabilitation. Mana Keepers offers crystals, rocks, books, music, prints, cards, and art-work from local and international nature-loving artists. Dewdrops Images offers original nature inspired: prints, postcards, greeting cards and inspirational photo books. We're honored to bring a little bit of nature's peace into everyday lives.

Mark Bupp Artist Highlight
Mark Bupp and Digital Productions have kindly agreed to come out and film our event! They are donating their time and services to document the performances for In the Flow Studios and I Love Shelter Dogs. Digital Productions was born out of Mark's love and passion for photography and videography. Mark is dedicated to capturing and persevering your important life moments and events for more over 7 years.

Thank you Mark Bupp & Digital Productions

Myranda Josephson Artist Highlight
Myranda Josephson is a freelance photographer based in Southern California. She is the founder of Myranda Josephson Photography, specializing in portrait and couples documentation. She is best known for her ability to capture important and intimate life events with beauty and sincerity. She has a versatile style all her own and makes everyone of her subjects feel like Rock Stars.

Ricky Cole - Soul Fresh, Most Wanted, WOD

Roland Ferrer Sr. shares his 40 plus years of martial arts experience teaching classes, workshops, programs, blogs and pages. He lives and breaths the Martial Flow. He is also a seasoned dancer and performer. He created his own style of Filipino Martial Arts called PaaMano Eskrima. He is the Master Instructor at Kadan Martial Arts. He shares his passion for the martial arts through Roland's Martial Flow. 

Roland H. Ferrer Artsist Highlight
Roland H. S. Ferrer of Sound of Zero is a multitalented and versatile artist. He will be participating in Filipino martial arts, harp performances and sculpture. His sculptures are surreal and layered. He made a special piece titled "Forgotten Angels", because every dog PTS is an angel lost to the world. Roland is best known for his music. He is a professional harpist, specializing in free-flow. He is a composer and has recorded his first original full length CD titled "Rise". You can find him at

Tepeyolotl Mallinalli Highlight
One of our featured Artisans, Ruben Palma, also known by his Aztec or *Nahuatl name Tepeyolotl Mallinalli, is an amazing craftsman. He is also very active in the local Aztec Community and participates in traditional holidays and celebrations. He is an avid Aztec Dancer and lives to share his cultural heritage through performances and his traditional artwork and handcrafts. A respect for all that Mother Nature represents is a cornerstone in his work. 

Tracy Trinh and her piano trio - Performing Arts 

We are grateful to our generous donors for our event raffle! Thank you for your kindness donors. We'll have more raffle prizes to choose from at the event .

1. Photo Shoot with Denise at DL Art-Photography
2. Original Painting by Jon Luce
3. Necklace and Earrings by Lisa Bupp
4. Private Reiki Cleansing Session by Aurora Ferrer
5. Delicious Crack Pie by Lalaine Felipe of Crack Pies LA
6. One Month of Martial Arts Training by Roland Ferrer

7. Beautiful Natural Crystal by Mana Keepers

We hope you are inspired to join us at the Arts Open House & Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser on Sunday, May 31st in La Mirada, CA. Entrance is $10 adult $5 12 and under. Visual Arts are from 3:30pm - 4:30pm and the performing arts are from 5pm-7:30pm. For more information or for location address please email

Contact Info for In the Flow Studios Arts
Instagram: or @SpeakYourArt 

Contact Info for I Love Shelter Dogs

"In the Flow Studios is a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering the arts, the artist and worthy causes."


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