Thursday, October 30, 2014

Arleen Hurtado Artist Highlight

We are delighted to feature Arleen Hurtado in our upcoming In the Flow Studios Arts Showcase and Film Debut on Nov. 15th in La Mirada, CA. Arleen is one of our favorite artists. Her live performances are charged with passion and precision. When she dances she brings forth the strength and graces of her Iberian ancestors. She transports her audiences to another place and time.
Kennedy Center, in DC Sept 2014
Arleen’s flamenco is the embodiment of the powerful force of nature that is the feminine. She uses her body to tell the age-old stories of distant lands, of battles won and lost, of heartbreak, of triumph and of culture. Even in her subtle hand movements she brings intention and expression. Her passionate interpretation of traditional flamenco has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. While Arleen’s technical ability is superb, it’s her passion that distinguishes her art. “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham
A multilayered and multitalented artist, Arleen is always looking for ways to push her artistic boundaries and grow out of her comfort zone. While she has performed and shared traditional flamenco in film, television and venues worldwide, one can also find her locally on stages like the Zulu Lounge, courageously sharing her unique dance fusion accompanied by the equally passionate and unique sounds of Flametal (flamenco metal heavy fusion Spanish guitar). 

About Arleen's dance journey:
Arleen Hurtado grew up in southern California. Early in life she began playing the drums and trained in ballet, jazz and tap. As a child she discovered flamenco on a trip to Spain, which appealed to her passion for both dance and percussion. Arleen pursued her study of flamenco in Seville and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, New Mexico, New York and California with world-renowned artists. For the last 18 years she has performed around the world, including several tours of the United States, as well as performances in United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, China and India. In the US she has performed in theaters including Carnegie Hall in New York, Red Rocks in Denver and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Arleen has been featured in music videos, commercials, television, print ads and three PBS specials. Based in Los Angeles, Arleen teaches weekly flamenco classes and continues to perform and tour.
About Arleen the teacher:
Arleen is an amazing teacher. Not only do her students benefit from her 18 years of experience performing at venues worldwide but they also get a kind, encouraging and patient teacher. Her classes  are perfect for beginners as well as for advanced students. Arleen has the ability to breakdown technique in the most fundamental of ways all the while keeping students entertained and engaged. I had the honor of training with her and was blown away in every class. Her positive energy is infectious and I found it would spillover into my daily life. Through flamenco, Arleen helps her students tap into their sense of personal power and inner grace. If you live in Southern California and have ever wanted to experince flamenco sign up to one of her classes in Los Angeles or Orange County.

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