Friday, August 1, 2014

Island Fitness by Ilima Artist Highlight

Ilima Pumphrey is a fourth generation Polynesian dancer, performer and instructor. She is the founder of Island Fitness by Ilima and lead dancer for Nonosina. Nonosina was founded by her grandmother Estella Reid. Estella, born in Samoa, wanted to share the dances and the culture of Polynesia in the United States. 40 years later the Nonosina Family have performed in many countries and are known throughout the world.

As a professional Polynesian dancer, performer, choreographer, and costume designer, Ilima brings her 20+ years of experience to everything she does. As a soloist and group performer she has received some of the most prestigious awards in the Polynesian community.

Ilima has performed and taught in Tahiti, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Canada, New Orleans, Florida, and all over California. She has been invited to perform and share her culture at the upcoming Namaste festival in Jakarta, Indonesia this October. 

Ilima has trained in Polynisian dance from before birth. Her mother Reri Pumphery is also a very well respected dancer. Her daughter Mahea is now a 5th generation dancer keeping in the family tradition. She has dedicated her life to Polynesian dance, art forms and sharing the culture as it has been passed down through generations.
 "To share my culture and spirit of aloha is my mission"

Here is a Three Generation Hula performed by Reri (grandmother), 
Ilima (mother) and Mahea (daughter) for one of our previous Arts Open Houses.

About Island Fitness by Ilima
"An effective Polynesian workout"
Island drum beats, intense hip shaking and lyrical ground movements make Island Fitness a unique, exciting and fun choose of training. 

Island fitness is a Polynesian based program encompassing, mind-body-spirit. Experience Island drumbeats, intense hip shaking and lyrical ground movements all which leave your body drenched and soul renewed. Polynesian dance focuses on strengthening core muscles, the main support of the body. To spread my culture and spirit of aloha is my mission. With over 25 years of professional dancing, I will teach you secret tips on how to achieve a vibrant body.
No experience necessary.

Ilima and her Island Fitness students will performing at our May 31st Arts Open House & Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser. You can check out this link for more information about the event

Ilima and her Island Fitness
Performing Arts Group
You can find Island Fitness by Ilima at 
Back 2 Basics Gym.
6738 Friends ave.
Whittier,Ca 90601
Monday 6:00-6:45
Wednesday 7:00-7:45
for more info email:

Contact Info for Island Fitness by Ilima
Instagram @IslandFitness_ByIlima

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