Monday, May 25, 2015

Māhea Temanu Mogote Artist Highlight

Mahea Mogote is a graceful as well as powerful young artist. She has multifaceted talents and interests. As a dancer she communicates her emotions flawlessly through her movement as she shares her ancestral heritage, as a martial artist she brings grace to efficiency and demonstrates the power of the feminine beautifully, as a painter she draws from her heart with vibrancy, honesty and history. She is a renaissance artist and woman holding fast to her cultural roots and at the same time reaching out to the world and learning new things.  

She has always felt at home in nature, as a young child she could be found in a corner of the yard communing with a praying mantis or admiring a butterfly. Even now she is happy to share an outdoor lunch with the random rattlesnake. This connection with the natural world feeds her MANA and has given her a special understanding of movement and form. “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

Mahea is a fifth generation Polynesian dancer. She dances with the world-renowned Polynesian dance group Nonosina. Nonosina was founded by Mahea’s great-grandmother, Estella Nonosina Reid, and they are blessed to still have her love and guidance today. She loves dancing with her family’s group and sharing her culture in places like Hawai’i, ‘Oahu, Tahiti, Mo’orea and all over California. Her most recent performance was on Merrie Monarchs big stage in Hilo Hawai’i where she was honored to be the youngest dancer of her Nonosina group.

Growing up Mahea was greatly influenced by her Polynesian side. She has completed numerous Kamehameha schools explorations camps- Ho’omaka’ika’i, Ho’olauna and Kulia Ika Pono. These camps are only offered to those of Hawaiian heritage. Her Polynesian heritage is the inspiration for most of her paintings and sketches.

Mahea is also an accomplished martial artist. She chose to learn more about her Filipino heritage through training and eventually earning her Black Belt in a Filipino Martial Arts system called PaaMano Eskrima. She boldly represented women in the art as many times she was the only girl in a class full of men. Even at a young age Mahea wanted to prove that women and girls had a rightful place in the male dominated martial arts arena. 

She was also part of the PaaMano Eskrima and Performing Arts 2012 Company that toured California from San Francisco to San Diego. The PME Performing Arts company not only shared the Filipino Martial Arts but also honored important historical figures, brought awareness for endangered species (Haring Ibon or Philippines Eagle) and shared the beauty of the Filipino culture. Mahea proudly represented the great female warrior Gabriela Silang. 

As a visual artist Mahea works mainly with acrylic & oil paints. Her work is bold and is clearly influenced by her love of nature and her love of everything Polynesian. Her paintings have a beautiful simplicity and authenticity. Gazing into one of her works, one is transported to a place where the air is balmy and the water is clear and warm. Mahea’s paintings and drawings are reminiscent of Kristian Zambucka’s.  

Mahea will be performing as well as showing at our Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser. We look forward to seeing what incredible things this young artists shares and to following her career. 

For more info about our upcoming event goto Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser 
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