Friday, June 5, 2015

Crack Pies LA by Lalaine V. Felipe Artist Highlight

A week ago today my Crack Pie was born. Lalaine birthed this culinary masterpiece seven days ago. Today I am enjoying the last small slice. I wanted to see how this deliciousness called Crack Pie would hold up over time. It is magnificent! Well I should go back to when my Crack Pie and I first met. It was on a Sunday at the incredible Arts Open House and Ke-ola Rehab Fundraiser. I was so busy that day that I was not able to stop and have a taste. It wasn't until Monday night that my family and I were all together that we were able to taste our beautiful heart shaped crack pie. We couldn't find the drizzle so I had my first slice plain. 

The moment the creamy goodness of the cheesecake touched my tongue I was hooked. The flavor was rich and textured yet with a lightness that almost floated weightlessly down my throat. I am a cheesecake lover but this isn't just is Crack Pie! I haven't tried another Cheesecake quite like this one. I was left so immersed in the experience of savoring every bite that between my family and I, we ate the ENTIRE CRACK PIE without one picture taken. I admire those with the self-restraint to take time to document their Crack Pie experience for posterity. I will need to order another and try again...

This is what I wrote on Lalaine's FB the first time I tried her creation, "I have no words to describe what I am experiencing as I let your Crack Pie melt in my mouth! I'll take a nice picture and post it tomorrow...right now I just want to relish this experience. I'm hooked!!! (And the picture never happened)

The next time I had a piece we had found the lemon drizzle. Wow! It became a new experience. I prefer to be sparing with my drizzle as the taste and texture of the Crack Pie itself is heaven to my taste buds. My husband on the other hand adds a layer of drizzle and loves it that way. I think that's another reason I enjoy the experience because the flavors and textures are so wonderfully unexpected, yet Lalaine honors our unique perspective and likes by giving us the power to choose our drizzle. 

I'm not done yet, I haven't talked about the crust! I don't know how she makes it taste so light and crispy at the same time. It has a hint of sweetness yet provides a beautiful flavor balance for the airy-velvety goodness of the filling. It's like the perfect "gift wrap" on the best birthday present...It really is that good. 

About Lalaine V. Felipe:

Lalaine was born in the Philippines and came to the states when she was three. She has a 9 year old daughter who is the love of her life.She is also a fitness instructor for 24 Hour Fitness and teaches Zumba and U-Jam Fitness.

About Crack Pies L.A.

Alexis Bellino of
TRHO Orange County
Lalaine is not a professionally trained baker, chef, or cook.  She learned how to cook at a very young age (5) and took her first Home Ec class in 7th grade.  For years she watched her aunts and her dad cook, but baking didn't come to her until 7th grade, and even then it was sporadic at best. Lalaine says,  "Even as an adult, she would bake the usual brownies and Betty Crocker cakes, etc.  Nothing extraordinary, nothing fancy.
Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface)

I started baking cheesecake almost 10 years ago because my ex-fiance loved cheesecake, and I thought, "What better birthday gift for him than to make him his favorite dessert."  So, I learned how to bake cheesecake. 

In 2010, I actually stopped baking for a while.  I couldn't seem to bring myself to bake my cheesecake for a few years.  It wasn't until 2013 did I start baking again ...  but only for Christmas, making mini-mascarpone cheesecakes for family.

Joel Lambert (Manhunt)
2014 was different ... My cheesecakes took on a whole different look and a whole different life ... It was if God had breathed life in to them.  I don't know how else to describe it.  I've said many times, "I just bake ... He does everything else." 

Geri Jewell (The Facts Of Life)
I never imagined that I'd ever be turning this in to a business.  But, my turning point came on December 31, 2014 when I brought a cheesecake to a dear friend of mine in L.A.  I'd never baked for her before, and this was the very first time she'd ever tasted anything that I'd made.  She took one bit, looked at me, said, "Oh my God this is soooo good!", then she said, "This is a business ... "  And the rest is history ... I believe that God works in His ways, and puts things in to place and in to work.  
Bill Blair (Star Trek)Photo by Denise at {DL} Arts Photography

I've always loved and enjoyed watching people eat the food I've made.  It's always been like Christmas to me watching people enjoy.  It's like giving a gift and receiving one, but I feel almost guilty because sometimes I feel like I get more satisfaction out of the whole thing than the person eating.

Now, I get to deliver happiness to people one bite at a time."

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