Thursday, November 29, 2018

Artist Highlight Keona Nguyen

Keona Nguyen was kind enough to share her talents and cultural pride at our In the Flow Studios Allie Fundraiser. She represented the Filipino Marital Arts and history through her work with PaaMano Eskrima and Performing Arts. She has shared the stories of ancient warrior Princesses, the history of the once forbidden Filipino martial arts and the culture still living in traditional dance.

Keona has spent her young life in the pursuit of personal excellence. She’s a well rounded person with a love of humanities, the arts and cultural history. Her moral compass points to her integrity and her actions are a reflection of her content of character.

 Being multi-cultural American, Keona has learned to not only appreciate her ethnic heritage (Vietnamese and Filipino) but also other rich cultures like Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian. She dedicated years of study and performing in traditional Polynesian and Filipino dances. She has shared her cultural dances throughout California (from Moro Bay to Los Angels). She danced with Nonosina Polynesia. She has also danced and choreographed for Filipino American Community Club of Monterey Peninsula for many years.

Keona took her interest of her Filipino heritage to another level a few years ago when she began learning the once outlawed Filipino Martial Arts. She is a key student and performer at PaaMano Eskrima and Performing Arts. Keona has represented the legendary warrior princess Princess Urduja of ancient Pangasinan at Filipino festivals, celebrations and events. She is proud to tell the story of her ancestors and the long forgotten s/heroes. The warrior princesses piece has inspired many girls to remember their strength.

Athletic completion has been a cornerstone in her life. From an early age her mother and father encouraged her to try new things including sports. She found the she really enjoyed waterpolo, basketball, volleyball and cross county. Keona uses sports as a way to help her stay physically and mentally fit. She enjoys the challenge presented in team competition and enjoys the camaraderie.

Keona believes in giving back to her community and mentoring others. She's a team player and finds joy in helping others reach their full potential. She was the Cerritos High School football team manager for four years and was honored for her dedication. She was Peer Leader for Unity Through Christ, a confirmation class. Her focus was on mentoring and guiding hopeful students through the confirmation process.

We are grateful to have had such a generous and talented person perform and share at our event! We wish her continued success in all her endeavors and look forward to seeing all the good she will do in the future!

Thank you for visiting. May inspiration overflow throughout all of your creative processes.

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